And I’m Not Turning Back Now.

gravatarI gave my life to Christ in 2011 after watching my husband become saved.  It wasn’t something I expected.  It wasn’t something I wanted.

From what I gather, my transformation in Christ would be considered a radical one.  It certainly seemed liked it happened over-night.  At times, it was painful.  Even while I sat neck deep in the pain, I always knew it would be worth it.  The healing came quickly.

Life had left me unknowingly, deeply-wounded and lonely.  Jesus saved me from those feelings.  He healed me in many ways and made me new.  My once heart of stone softened.  I wouldn’t have survived the fall from pride to humility without the pool of God’s grace.

I have been redeemed.  My marriage has been restored.  I see life and kingdom knowledge in the eyes of my young children.

I am a daughter of God.  Beautifully made in every way.

I feel called to many ministries.  Mostly, I feel called to write.  Wives, mothers and new believers all weigh heavily on my heart.

Follow me on my journey…


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